When Should You Replace Your Front Door? Helpful Clues to Consider

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  • Jacob Harryman

    Many homeowners take their front door for granted. It might not seem like a significant piece of a home, but it is. A front door is one of the first things people see when they look at your house. It is the first thing that welcomes guests into your home, and it helps keep the elements out of your living area. Unfortunately, because your front door faces the outside environment, several things can cause it to become damaged and eroded. If this happens, you want to make sure you replace it right away. Here are a few clues to help you figure out when to replace your front door.

    Open and Close

    Open and close your front door. Does it stick? Can it close and open smoothly?  Additionally, is it fitting correctly when closed all the way?  These little flaws in your door lead to air leakages, inefficiencies and accordingly, more money out of your pocket.


    Inspect the Frame

    Fall Door Decorations- Decorate your Door with Fall Themed Ideas

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  • Emily Perez
    Fall Door Decorations. Fall Harvest Wreath. Decorate your Door for Fall

    As the warmth of summer escapes, home owners decorate their houses with autumn themed décor.  The harvest season is a festive time of year.  What better way to celebrate and welcome guests than a seasonally decorated entryway?  Here are a few fall door decorations.


     Fall Wreaths

    Fall inspired wreaths showcase all of autumn’s gifts.  They are made with leaves, acorns, wheat, and many other fruits of the harvest.  These beautiful welcoming ornaments can have a combination of colorful components and also include seasonal flowers, such as sunflowers.


    Fall Door Decorations. Fall Wreaths. Fall Inspired Decor READ MORE

    Front Door Design Ideas. New Door Trends

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  • Emily Perez

    A home is a work in progress that continues to provide opportunity for creative design.  One of the most important design elements of your home is the main entryway.  That’s right, the front door! The front door transports visitors into the personal world you created inside.  What better way to welcome them than with a door that represents your style?   To encourage your creative juices, here are door design ideas.


    Casual Charm

    front door. entry door. rustic farmhouse entry door

    Casual can be charming.  For example, focus on simplicity with a nod to farmhouse style.  The informal look of a humble entryway makes your guests feel right at home.  Farmhouse front doors typically feature wooden single panel designs.  Sometimes the top panel is a glass window.  These doors have Colonial style influences with asymmetrical side lights and transoms.  The color

    How To Get a Window Replacement Estimate

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  • Jordan Chell

    What is the one thing that brightens up a room, establishes an open concept  and protects people in their homes? That’s right: windows!  It is especially important to keep your windows updated and in good condition. This means that all home owners at some point need to get their windows replaced.  While it  sounds expensive and complicated, there are a few tips that can help you get the best window replacement estimate.  Here are the factors that determine new window costs.


    Window Replacement Estimate- Cost to replace windows
    1. The Size of the Window

    The size of the window you plan on replacing can help you determine the cost. The bigger the window is the more material and labor needed to replace it. Therefore, the cost will be higher. For instance, bathroom windows will cos

    5 New Trends in Windows- Design Ideas

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  • Emily Perez

    Windows allow natural air to circulate through our homes and sunlight to brighten our rooms.  While they serve a functional purpose, they also enhance your interior design.  Each window you install creates an opportunity to express unique style.  Here are some of the new window trends we love.

    New Window Trends Window Design Ideas
    Big is in

    Let’s start with the basics; bigger is better!  At least, with windows that is.  Large windows integrate outdoor views with interior comfort.  Another cost saving benefit is the amount of additional sunlight you get.  With plenty of natural light shining in, you won’t need to use as much electricity in the day time.  And finally, big windows create the feeling of a more open (aka bigger) space.  So, what kind of windows create the big open look we are describing?  Start by checking out casement and sliding windows.  Thei

    Get your Fireplace READY for Winter!

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  • Emily Perez

    With the warmer weather withering away, it’s time to take advantage of the cozy comforts of indoor fireplaces.  Autumn is a great time to light the fire and snuggle up with a good book or a glass of wine.  Prepare for a warm winter of crackling fires now before the cold hits.  Here are some helpful tips on how to maintain the safety and functioning of your fireplace.

    Store Wood

    If you have a traditional wood burning fireplace, you’ll need a lot of wood to fuel the fire throughout the season.  It helps to gather quality firewood early and create a convenient outdoor storage located away from the house.  You will find it much easier to collect and cut firewood in the fall than it is in the midst of winter.

    Ashes to Ashes

    Start the season off with a well cleaned fireplace.  Sweep the firebox to remove ashes, dust, and old wood

    How Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Windows?

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  • Emily Perez

    With so many things to update, refinish and replace in our homes at any given time, it’s difficult to keep track of what we should be replacing and when. On top of that, many window brands offer a “lifetime” warranty.   So your windows should practically last you forever, right? Not true! The average lifespan of a quality window is 15-20 years. After the 10 year mile mark, you may want to pay close attention to how well your windows perform. Here are a few signs that it’s time to replace windows.

    Replace Window. When to Replace Windows. Clues for knowing when to install new windows.
     High Energy Bills

    If you have noticed that your AC costs a lot more to run in the summer and your heat bill almost breaks the bank in the winter, it’s time to update your windows. Did you know that energy efficient windows can save you money? Old windows with poor energy efficient ratings force your heatin

    Woolly Worms Predict Winter Weather

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  • Emily Perez

    Old farmer myths include the tale of the weather forecasting woolly worm!  Woolly bear caterpillars have a long standing reputation for predicting the weather for the coming winter.  A curator for the American Museum of Natural History set out to prove the truth behind the Woolly worm.   His 8 year quest attracted lots of publicity and contributed to making the woolly worm famous.  Whether fact or fiction, we would like to explore what the woolly worms predict winter weather will bring.


    How to read the forecastWoolly Worms Predict Winter Weather

    Woolly bear caterpillars have 13 sections that are either reddish brown or black. The size and frequency of one particular color over another generates the weather prediction. The folklore claims more red colored sections signify a mild winter. Reversely, the wider and more frequent the black sections are, means we are in for a bitter cold winter.


    White Woolly Worms

    The striped woolly worm species carry a reputation for their weather predicting abilities.  Similarly, their cousins, the white wool

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