4 Reasons Why You should Renovate Your Bathroom Now

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  • Emily Perez

    Our bathrooms are important rooms in the home.  We use them for bathing, grooming, and an endless list of personal routines.  A well-designed bathroom gives you the perfect setting for rejuvenation.  Do you enjoy a long soaking bath?  Think about how relaxing a renovated bathroom could be.  Don’t wait any longer!  Hire a contractor to give you the amazing bathroom you have always dreamed of.  Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a bathroom renovation.


     bathroom renovation. bathroom remodel. open bathroom design
    Create an Open Space

    We can’t feel rejuvenated in a cramped space.   Also, it’s hard to enjoy bathing in a tiny tub or shower.  Older bathrooms were designed with smaller fixtures.   You don’t want to feel like you shower at the gym while in your house.  Your personal bathroom should be a sanctuary.  Well planned remodeling gives you the chance to open the space up and install that big tub you have always

    5 Professional Tips for Total Bathroom Remodeling

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  • Jacob Harryman
    bathroom remodel. bathroom renovation budget.

    Are you considering having your bathroom renovated?  If so, there are many things to think about.  From design, to choosing the right fixtures, bathroom remodeling involves making quite a few decisions.  We recommend looking through magazines and Pintrest for styles you like.  As far as the actual planning, here are a few helpful tips for your next bathroom remodel.


    Start with the Budget

    Just like any home improvement project, you have to start by designing the budget.  Figure out a price range you are comfortable with.  Once you know how much you want to spend, you can make decisions based on meeting your budget.  If you are working with a limited budget, don’t worry!  There are plenty of creative ways to make the most out of economic choices.


    Replace or Refinish

    This tip goes hand in hand with our first tip.  Decide weather you want to replace fixtures in the bathroom, or if you are refinishi

    Introducing 5 Hot Interior House Paint Colors of 2017

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  • Emily Perez
    House Paint Color. Interior Paint. 2017 Paint Colors
    Muted Blue

    Available in varying shades from very pale to deep, try this color for bathrooms and bedrooms.  Transform a room into a calming place with this cool blue color. For decorative accents, gray and white pair nicely.   You can also incorporate bold black detail and trim for added contrast.  Sherwin Williams carries new muted blue colors including Stardew, SW9138 and Moutain Air, SW6224.


    Victorian Pinks

    7 Steps for How to Build a Window Seat

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  • Jordan Chell

    Windows are important in a house. In fact, they maintain several responsibilities, including to make the house beautiful. What better way to make your stunning windows even more great than with a window bench? All in all, they are not hard to build and are a great added feature to your home.  Here are seven easy steps for how to build a window seat.


    Window Seat. Build a Window Seat for your Windows. Use Old Cabinets
    Alternative things to make your bench out of:

    Although the traditional way to create a window seat is to build a bench from scratch out of wood, there are other ways to do this. Instead of building your window seat from scratch, try recycling old cabinets or other old furniture to make the foundation

    Gutter Guards- Choosing the Right Gutter Guard

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  • Emily Perez

    Do you hate gutter cleaning season?  The thought alone of climbing up the ladder and scooping out the muck that has built up is dreadful.  Many companies market gutter guard products designed to relieve home owners from gutter cleaning.  There are three different types of gutter guards to choose from: mesh or plastic screens, gutter filters, and surface-tension units.  So, how do you know which gutter guard is the right one for you home?  Here is some helpful information about each kind of gutter guard.


    gutter guards. home improvement tips. cleaning gutters
    Gutter Filters

    Gutter filters attach from the fascia to the front of the gutter.  A benefit of gutter filters is that unlike surface tension units, there is no space left for smaller debris to fall into.  Some people use gutter filters to harvest rain water.  They do the best job keeping out all types of debris, including very small pie

    How to Transform your Home with New Windows

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  • Emily Perez

    Your windows are one of the most important features of the home.  On the outside, they are part of the architecture.  They also contribute to your curb appeal.  On the inside, they brighten the house with natural light and work as the eyes of the house.  It’s no wonder new windows make such a big difference to the overall design.  That’s right, windows are more than just ventilation; they have an aesthetic appeal that can transform your home.


    New Windows, bay window, replacement window
    Old & New

    Windows influence the personality of the house.  For example, unique period style windows add character to a modern style home.  On the other hand, large, new windows give vintage homes a contemporary make over.



     New Windows, wooden finish windows, transform home with windows READ MORE

    Door Accessories- Door Knockers, Locks and Handles

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  • Jordan Chell

    Door accessories include a wide variety of different items, like door knockers, locks and handles. Some of these things are for show and can make your doors look beautiful, while others are important for safety and protection. Here are a few things you might not know about door accessories.


    Door Accessories. Door Knocker. New Door.

    Door knockers are less popular due to the invention of door bells. Most people get them for their aesthetic nature, not their function. However, they are not uncommon to see on front doors, especially bigger homes.


    Common door knockers usually consist of a lion’s head or a griffin holding a metal ring, but there are thousands of different door knocker designs to choose from. You should also consider the material of your front door, and the material of the door knocker. For example, you might not want to get a larg

    5 Fun Ideas for Basement Remodeling

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  • Jacob Harryman

    Basement remodeling creates the opportunity to design a new living space.  There are plenty of fun and useful ways to transform your basement into a unique room with personal flare.  Before starting the project, consider what you want to use the space for.  Also think about what the rest of the house is missing.  If the answer is another bedroom or bathroom, incorporate those necessities into your plan.  Here are 5 creative ideas for a remodeled basement.


    Ideas Basement Remodeling. Home Cinema. Home Theater

    Movie nights are awesome!  Ever have friends and family over and not quite the right setting in the living room for everyone to enjoy the flick?  How about converting your basement into a private theater?  While it sounds luxurious, you can accomplish this with a simple remodeling and the right furnishings.   To keep it cozy, start with over sized sofas and extended sectionals.  The bigger the sofa, the better.  Make sure

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