How to Throw Winter Party Outdoors

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  • Emily Perez
  • Home owners love outdoor living spaces.  We love them so much, that even in the frigid cold, we find ways  to enjoy fresh air and open space.  Entertaining guests outdoors during the warmer month is natural.  With some creativity and thoughtful planning, you can also host a gathering outdoors in the middle of winter.  Perhaps a holiday party that incorporates the outdoors as well. Here are inspirational tips for how to host a cozy outdoor party this winter.


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    Bundle of Warmth

    Asking guests to gather outside is great as long as you offer conveniences to make they more comfortable.  For starters, blankets are perfect for snuggling and relaxing.  Create a blanket basket filled with soft throws.  Place the basket in a convenient location so that your guests find them and use them.


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    Hot Cocoa Anyone?

    Tailor the beverages around the temperature.  No holiday party or winter event is complete without some hot cocoa or hot apple cider.  Get creative and stage a hot chocolate bar with fun toppings like caramel, cinnamon sticks, and peppermint.  The hot beverages will warm up the guests on a cold day.  For adult parties, spike the hot cocoa with spiced rum or baileys.


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    Fire Pit

    Winter is the perfect time to gather around the fire.  Design the seating arrangements around the fire pit so that everyone has a front row seat to the crackling fire.  Nothing beats cool, fresh air and a toasty fire on a cold night.  Stock up on enough firewood to keep the fire going for a few hours.  You may even want to add marshmallows to the offerings.


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    Cozy Accents

    Hosting a successful holiday party relies on your ability to create the right atmosphere.  A winter themed party outdoors, while rustic, still needs cozy touches.  Provide the guests with comfortable cushions, as opposed to cold patio chairs.  Add texture and décor with faux fur.  You can choose from faux fur rugs to pillows and blankets.  In general, an outdoor rug offers an extra layer between guests’ feet and the cold ground.  Bring a few luxuries of the home outside to make the setting more comfortable.


    Additional Heat

    We discussed the importance of a live fire.  However, the fire alone may not be enough to warm the outdoor space.  Patio heaters work well and can be scattered around.  There are plenty of free standing and even hanging options to choose from.  Your old electric space heater also works, but it’s not as attractive as the propane fueled California heaters.


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    Outdoor Fire Place

    If you have an outdoor fireplace, you planned on winter entertaining.  Beautiful outdoor stone fireplaces enhance the outdoor living space and allow you to enjoy it all year long.  Light up the fire and encourage guests to relax outside with these cozy touches.  You may have to swap your warm weather seats for faux-fur cushions.

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