Checking Windows For Drafts, How to Test Energy Efficiency of Your Windows

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  • Jordan Chell
  • Summer is long over and fall is quickly coming to an end. Which means winter will soon be here! Although this means Christmas time and fun in the snow, it also means cold air and high energy bills. There are different things you as a homeowner can do to help keep energy bills low, and checking your windows for air drafts is one of them. Air drafts are hard to detect, but once found they can help you save big. Here are a few tips about air leaks in your home:


    How to Find Air Drafts



    First take a walk around the outside of your house, slowly and carefully. Do you notice any failed caulking? Do you see any gaps between the siding of your home and the window frame? If so, then you have found an air leak.

    Inside your home inspect all the current weather stripping around your windows as well as make sure it is all in good condition and up-to-date.


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    To try and find the air drafts in your home try using a non-contact thermometer. In order to find air drafts, use it around your windows. It will detect colder temperatures leaking into your home.


    The Smoke Test

    The smoke test consists of closing all the windows and doors in your home and turning off any combustion appliances in your home. In addition, turn on the kitchen and bathroom vents. Then, using an incense, move the stick around the frame of your window and see if you can find any noticeable change in the smoke from the stick. Lastly, if the smoke waivers, you probably have an air leak.


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    Infrared cameras, also called thermographic cameras, detect hot spots outside your home and cold spots inside your home. IR’s were originally invented for the military, but as their prices drop and their versatility rises, they become more and more functional for other areas of use. As a matter of fact, these cameras are especially useful and successful at detecting air drafts within your home.


    How to Cover Leaks Up


    Here are some options for covering leaks up! Pick which ones best fit your preferences!

    Apply self-adhesive weather stripping

    Apply air-tight plastic over windows

    Consider using a professional        


    Other Places to Check for Air Drafts

    Here are other common places in your home to check for air leaks. Consider consulting a professional for some of these typical air leakage areas.

    Attic opening

    Plumbing vents

    Basement rim joists


    Furthermore, checking your home for energy efficiency is very important when you want to keep your energy bills low. Windows are a common place you will find air drafts, but it may be difficult to find other areas of air drafts. Although homeowners can detect some air drafts on their own, there may be some places that you think are impossible to detect.

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