Awesome Ideas for your Bathroom Remodel

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  • Emily Perez
  • It’s not every day that you’ll take up bathroom remodeling. But when you do, ensure that the finished space is what you’ve always dreamt of. Sure you’ll have a budget to work on, everyone has! But get a top remodeler and you’ll definitely get what you want, at least mostly, without breaking your bank.

    Here are a few awesome ideas for your bathroom remodel that will not let you down.


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    Blend Seamlessly with your Bedroom

    Is your bathroom connected to the master bedroom? The two should blend seamlessly together so that there is a smooth shift of rooms, not your mood. Have the same or nearly same color combination and texture. If the lights are mellow in your bedroom, don’t have garish lights in your bathroom that will hit you between your eyes every time you enter it. Have a semblance of consistency between the two.


    Conceal the Toilet

    While it is true that the toilet is maybe the primary reason why you go to the bathroom, don’t make it the focal point. One option is to put it in a space that is in continuation with the shower stall in design and flow but with an opaque door to screen it from view.  Your bathroom remodeling should create a focus on the shower or tub.


    Add Luxury and Convenience

    Give an element of lavishness and comfort to your bathroom.  You owe it to yourself! Opt for high tech innovative fixtures that are available today. Have warm towels and warm floors when you step out of the shower – towel warmers and radiant heat flooring are great features. Turn your bathroom into a space, not only to meet a specific necessity but a room that will be a pleasant retreat for you.


    Making a Design Statement

    Put in fixtures that reflect your personality. Go for modern exclusive sinks and tubs, ones that have a great visual impact. Install custom sinks with a lot of counter space in polished granite. A freestanding tub too is an awesome idea. Whirlpool and Jacuzzi tubs are passé; one that has a standalone look has greater visual appeal. Make it your own private world away from the conventional fittings and fixtures.


    Colors and light

    While you can take the easy route and select a cool bluish spa finish with low intensity concealed white lights, it will be worthwhile to go off the beaten path for a change. Have one wall painted in a completely contrast color from the rest. Yes, it might be red too. Next install cabinets in say pure white for contrast. Add fixtures of pure white for balance. And finally have lights that focus on your classy fittings.

    There are a host of ideas that you can try out but always make sure that they will make you want to spend some time in your remodeled bathroom.


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