7 Remodeling Tips to Transform your Home

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  • Mark Hladky
  • Budget before you Start

    Plan your budget and stay within that budget.  It’s easy to get caught up when paying for home remodeling.  Figure out what you can spend, what you want to spend, how much remodeling will cost, and stick to your budget.


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    Refresh the paint

    Refreshing the paint can make rooms look new.  A full remodeling job to a bedroom or bathroom can cost thousands of dollars.  Refreshing the paint can breathe vitality into a room for under a hundred dollars.



    You want some things redone more than other things, and that’s OK.  Before you begin home remodeling, decide what you want done most and plan that first.  If you need to redo your roof, or there’s damage to your kitchen that needs to be repaired, think realistically about your time frames, your budgets, and your goals for your home.  If something needs to be done, do that first.  It’s a big relief knowing a damaged roof won’t get more damaged as it sits, and it will make you feel better when you look at the renovation.
    Remodel or Renovate, then Decorate.


    Remodel or Renovate, then Decorate

    Whether you are landscaping or brainstorming about which paint you think would look best in your living room, perform the major tasks before the minor ones.  If you want to change the landscaping of your property, first think about what you may need to remodel in your house, and do that remodeling first.  If you want to paint your living room and knock out a wall, knock out the wall first and paint later.  Mentioning this planning and foresight may sound funny, but the excitement around home projects can make the projects become disorganized quickly.  Larger jobs can damage and dirty gardens, paint, and furniture.  Protect what you own, and start with the larger jobs first.


    Rely on your professionals

    If you’re unsure of something, ask professionals.  Professional have experience, and they will filter information so you aren’t bogged down in details.  They will stay focused, and they will let you know what you are seeing when you look at your home and what can be done.  The vision of a professional is invaluable.


    Shop for your home

    If you feel like your home would look best a certain way, don’t fight the urge.  The main theme to remodeling your home is to plan.  Visualize how you want your home to look and make purchases based on those ideas.  Once you get started, don’t forget plants.  A few inexpensive, tolerant plants can brighten a room and provide texture and to warmth to your home.


    Pay attention to the details

    A drastic change to one area of your home, such as bathroom sink or a case for your mailbox, may draw attention to itself.  Pay attention to the overall appeal of your home or a room.  A significant change might require you to change other areas of your home you like.  If you see a change, consider it, but exercise caution.



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